A novel by Nicola Yoon.

Let me just say, I enjoyed the twist in the novel. 🙂

Now, here are the lines which stood out for me and lines which, in one way or another, struck. Hope one of them would have the same effect on you, too.


“Life is hard, honey. Everyone finds a way.”


“It’s easier not to know.”


“Everything’s a risk. Not doing anything is a risk. It’s up to you.”


“He’s not safe. He’s not familiar. He’s in constant  motion. He’s the  biggest  risk I’ve ever taken.”


“But the difference between knowing it and seeing them in person is the difference between dreaming about flying and flight.”


“Just because you can’t experience everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience anything. Besides, doomed love is a part of life.”


“Wanting just leads to more wanting. There’s no end to desire.”


“You have enough things to be afraid of. Love can’t kill you.”


“It’s weird to miss something you’ve never had – or don’t remember having , anyway.”


“…and how sometimes you can’t unmix things no matter how much you might want to.”


“Spend some time with your mother. Boys come and go, but mothers are forever.”


“Life is a gift. Don’t forget to live it.”


“Friends don’t give you false hope.”


“I’ve always felt her heart reaching out to protect mine.”


“There are entire worlds that exist just beneath our notice of them.”


“…love opens you up to the world.”


“You’re not living if you’re not regretting.”


“Human beings are mysterious and paradoxical.”


“Into all lives a little turbulence must fall.”


“prom-ise… the lie you want to keep.”


“Being in love with you is better than the first time. It feels like the first time and the last time and the only time all at once.”


“I promise you that I know my own heart. It’s one of the few things that’s not completely new to me.”


“Love is a terrible thing and its loss is even worse.”


“Can you reach the end of tears? I wonder.”


“There’s more to life than being alive.”