Part II: Her Lover

“Passion can bind us and mislead us. It can blind our senses and cause us not to realize that a relationship is in trouble or, worse, dangerous to our emotional and spiritual health.”


“True love is stronger than that (change) and can withstand the passage of time. In fact, true love is like a wine, growing sweeter as it ages.”


“When we stand before a congregation, a preacher, and God, we make vows in a few minutes that we may keep for the next fifty years or more. We make those vows and walk into the future, an abyss of unexpected adventure that can lead to peril without warning.”


“We all want someone we can count on to stand by us through thick or thin. This is the lover who matters.”


“…the truth of the matter is a good lover doesn’t start or end in the bedroom. A good lover is the one who stays when all others have walked away.”


“If he does not love you with his heart, stroking your body and teasing your senses will soon be meaningless.”


“Oh, my friend, being a lover is more than hips, lips, and fingertips. It is the ability to hold the cold wind of life in your hot hands until the wind warms under your loving touch.”


“Some people have persona scars that are so deep they find it difficult to adhere to God’s plan.”


“God’s plan is perfect. It is His creatures that are not.”


“The word of God should be our map. We need to follow it, but if we get lost, we should remember that throwing the map away won’t help us find our way home.”


“Marriage is meant to be forever, and the only way for a relationship to survive the uncertainty of the future and the inevitable ups and downs of love is if true love is its foundation.”


“Young love is like springtime – everything is fresh and new.”


“It is the friendship that makes a marriage worth fighting for.”


“…fulfilling the needs of the heart is an on-going process.”


“What makes a lover wonderful is when he can kiss the body and reach down deeper to kiss the soul.”


“I am suggesting that the root of your love be anchored in your admiration for the person; then add the attraction like spice to a favourite dish. The spice accentuates the dish, but it does not become the dish.”

“As a Christian, you should choose someone who is governed by the same values as you. If you don’t, you will never agree. It helps so much when couples have the same faith and philosophy of living.”


“Your partner must satisfy your body, mind, and soul.”
“You and your partner should be of like mind, able to talk, listen, and simply enjoy each other’s company. Finally, you should share similar values. You will walk together down the path of life, share the same map, and follow the same direction.”


“…look for the man who is as related to you as a brother. Look for the one whom you can communicate without words.”


“He knows what is in your heart because it is in his too.”


“Undoubtedly you will face challenges and problems in life, but you will seek solutions in the same place. You will both turn to your Father.”


“…the same God he calls Father she calls Father also.”


“A healthy relationship has diversity. It continually changes. The one thing that gives it stability is that the relationship is built on friendship.”


“It is simply this: sex is a mere shadow of love. True intimacy occurs when the body is spent and the affection continues. It is the bonding of hearts that gives the feeling of acceptance, not the tangling of the flesh.”


“Men and women are different creatures with different needs. Neither viewpoint is better than the other; neither is more right. They’re just different.”


“Marriage is not for heaven; it is for earth.”


“Christian marriage is the coupling of two people who have agreed about who they are to each other and who they are in relationship to God.”


“In a marriage, a man and wife are partners, lovers, and friends. It is a bond so powerful, so special, that it is meant to last forever.”


“We must remember that anything worth having is worth fighting for. Let’s not permit ourselves to walk away from a wonderful relationship just because it’s not working exactly as planned.”


“Not only can the right lady allow a man to rest, she can make a man feel comfortable doing it. He can trust her and let down his guard.”


“The male heart is generally guarded and locked down with intense security.”


“Trust is the root from which love is nourished.”


Several areas essential for a man to feel whole and fulfilled:

  1. He needs to trust her motives.

“Preserve the trust; a relationship cannot last without it.”

  1. He needs to be able to trust her sexually.

“He needs to know that her response is not created for entertainment.”

  1. He needs to trust her not to change.

“The changing woman terrifies him. He lives in fear that she will change on him in the middle of a crisis.”

“He can deal with what he understands. It is what he doesn’t understand that destroys trust.”

“A man can physically be with a woman but have moved away from her emotionally.”

  1. He needs to trust her not to use his openness against him later.

“A loving nod, a touch, a few words, and a kiss are the most effective response. If you want to establish trust, just listen to him.”

  1. He needs to trust her not to be in competition with him.

“Real love always builds up the other person.”


“A marriage is a collaboration of two hearts that join together to overcome the obstacles of life and create an atmosphere of shared pleasure and deeper love.”

“…whatever it takes, make it happen for both of you.”


“The injury can be healed, but saying ‘I’m sorry’ is not always enough.”


“A woman needs to understand the effect her words  have on a man’s performance; her words can motivate or disintegrate his self-esteem.”


“The man flees from contention but draws strength from the woman who encourages him and affirms him.”


“Calm spirits create trust and tranquillity.”


“More people are hurt by a tongue out of control than by a gun.”


“It is the people who love you and want to be with you who are most likely to become assaulted by your words.”


“When you speak, the sound of your voice should stir passion in your mate and not be associated with pain.”


“Men deeply appreciate a woman who is full of kind words.”


“Resolve conflict, but do not abuse each other with words.”


“Use your words to share your dreams and needs and your lover what he wants.”


“Without communication, your relationship will surely die, and with it the promise of love and comfort for all your days on earth.”


“Your hands and eyes can often send louder messages if they’re used the right way.”


“Trust is a major area of concern for both parties.”


“The unique thing about men is that most of them have the ability to be sexually intimate and still remain emotionally distant.”


“No matter how justified the conflict may be between the mother and the father, the child should never have to hear his mother speak evil of his father.”


“Love is not a monologue; it is a dialogue.”


“Most men do not associate the giving of their body with the giving of their heart, but women tend to tie the two together.”


“If she doesn’t value herself, why should they?”


“…whether we admit it or not, we all have done foolish things that did not reflect our real heart and values.”


“How do you handle mercy when you feel justified to condemn?”


“She will not speak ill of him nor agree with his enemies in public. She is on his side.”


“Praise him when he’s worthy, and forgive him when he’s not.”


“Both men and women should realize that it doesn’t matter who has what individually; it is the sum of the parts that makes for a strong marriage.”


“…go beyond biological likeness and identify psychological and spiritual likeness. For if you don’t, you will find yourself attached to a frog, and you will spend all of your life trying to make him a prince.”


“Never involve yourself with someone and think you are going to change them. Trust me, people seldom change, and if they do, it is only with God doing the changing.”


“She will not stoop to looking for love.”


“If you have a problem, voice it, but do not allow your presence to become a discomfort.”


“With every sunrise, recognize the light of God shining down on you. Know that He has watched over you through the night. He cares for you and baptizes you in the new day.”


“The morning is a time of healing. It is a new day, a second chance, a fresh start.”